For the last 20 years investing in the wines of Bordeaux has consistently out-performed the market – we believe that trend will continue.

Lunzer Wine Investments has been set up to capitalise on the strong returns to be made by investing in top class Bordeaux wines. Bordeaux wines have consistently offered investors steady and consistent returns. Historically, funds specialising in Bordeaux wines have seen average growth in the region of 1% per month giving double-digit annual returns.

Our Fund is open to both institutional and private investors. The Fund runs for a fixed term with all wines kept in secure Government licenced bonded warehouses. At the end of the term, the Funds are liquidated and cash returned to investors.

The management team at Lunzer Wine Investments believe that the Wine investment story is set to mature considerably over the next few years.

Lunzer Wine Investments is an affiliate of Richmond Park Capital LLP (RPC). Established in 2007 this independent merchant bank aims to deliver innovative advisory, capital market and wealth creation opportunities for their clients.

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Peter Lunzer - a life in wine

Peter Lunzer has spent his working life in the wine business and has extensively advised on the subject of wine investment and the opportunities offered by wine as an asset class. Peter has an exemplary record as a stock picker and fund manager, and invented the concept of the Wine Price Ratio. Whilst stock picker for The Wine Investment Fund, their 5-year managed fund, liquidated in 2008, delivered investors’ returns of 108%, after fees, over the 5 year term.

In addition Lunzer Wine Investments, offers a comprehensive fine wines experience, including corporate events and visits to the finest Chateaux in Bordeaux, all personally hosted by Peter Lunzer.